Sunday, October 01, 2023


So, I return to my first blooging home.  WP keeps wanting more money, so back to Goofle free standard.  Oh well.

I have been working all year to zero out my business tax accounts and put a legal end to my corporation.  From here on out, I will be working as a sole practitioner, single professional.  To be even funnier, I am returning to the third floor of our house, which is where I started my personal practice.  Meanwhile, I have attorneys and accountants cutting me at the official levels.

What was it, 15 years ago, I moved to the top floor of a walk up?  I moved from a building just minutes from my house, to this building which was like 2 minutes from my home.  But at that point, I hired movers - it took 4 guys and two trucks - and they carried everything up.

At that point, I had several employees, but I haven't had those in some time.

Now, I am abandoning all my furniture (seriously, who still wants light tables)? and my the books are all either mfr info or sample books or are outdated (realistically I will not need cod books from 1989 ever again).

So I moved a bare minimum from the office and will be letting the building management know that they can dispose of the rest as they see fit.  I would call it bittersweet, but with the pandemic, I haven't really bothered with the office for a couple of years.  And I have developed some level of mobility issues, so the long flights of stairs have become a serious impediment.

Young Zombie helped me bring the several boxes home today, and then I am done.  I will reconfigure my iMacs for my home network, and then move on as best I can.

In the many years, one of my time wasting hobbies is building little models of imaginary spaceships.  And sometimes I did them in my office when nothing better was going on.  So we moved out with some of the best ones to take home and complete during my semi-retirement.  In a weird twist, this has been a most rewarding time for kit creators in this genre - although building plastic models is far outside mainstream interest, there have arisen several producers who worked overtime and used computer design to create the best ever kits ever available.

For instance, the Enterprise, which was the best selling kit ever made and has never been out of production.  But it was legendarily inaccurate.  Now, Polar Lights/ Round 2 have produced  small 1:1000 kits of the original and the Refit, that are as accurate as balls.  And they also, using the same CAD files, have produced 1:350 versions of both, as well as the NX-01 and now th Klingon Kronos. 

 And Moebius Models have produced a line of 2001 kit of the Discovery (in 2 scales), the EVA pod, the Space Clipper (in 2 scales) and the Moonbus.

And most significantly, Japanese manufacturer Bandai has secured the Star Wars license.  They have done an amazing 1:12 figure line of anybody with helmets and some robots (although they also did a Han Solo and Luke figure with really very good he'd sculpts) But have also done a lot of of other kits.  Most of them are on the small side, as the cost to get them in America reflects import costs, but also reflects the smaller display space of customers in Japan.  But they also pulled out all the stops to produce a 1/72 kit of the Millenium Falcon in their Perfect Grade line (familiar with anyone who have built their Gundam kits) That features every detail ever shown and even obsessives can't find fault.  


Prior to that, another Japanese Manufacturer Fine Molds (most noted for aircraft kits) ran off quite a few Star Wars kits, some really great versions of X-wings and Y-wings, and an addition bar-setting version of the Millenium Falcon.  Unlike th Bandai version which represented the New Hope version, the Fine Molds represented the Empire Strikes Back version.


Anyway, I brought those back from the closet of my office stash, so will be completing them in my weird semi-retirement.

In other news, my last project  received a Mayor's Design Award, which I believe is my sixth.  It also achieved final tax credit approval, so the developer is going to receive $3.6 million on a 9 million dollar project.  I am still waiting for a thank you or even a Deadpool High-five, but I regret not working for a percentage.

In any case, I digressed about my hobby because I am sad about my career.  

So, nobody will see this, as the blogger hood has evaporated.  So that's why I got all verklempt.  And more than a little bit drunk




Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sure, it's nice and all. But you would have to live in Wis-CAAANNN-sin.

....or, find a way to hire me as designer for a project in a location where you WOULD like to live.

[imma allow some comments for 24 hours or so, to let y'all tell me how talented I am, before I turn 'em off again and go back to deciding whether the Lake wants me yet....]

[yes, that otehr blog is turned off.  phukitoll anyway, and the S-fest blog may be ramping up, and dammitol anyway]

fuck. why can't I make a living at this?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fuck You Friday

I believe I speak for quite a few people.

also, this Blog wouldn't VOOOM if you put ten thousand volts through it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We're a Happy Family

Inspired by a post here.

Lucy, the Orange, Leaky ass Dog and Toby, sharing spaces.

I love the couch picture, where Toby’s tail is on Lucifer’s hip.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello Cruel World

Cliff "Fuck Me Eugene" May is on the ed Show, waxing ecstatic of how AWESOME and AMERICANTASTIC torture is and making me want to through kittens and bunnies through the screen, so I am going to vent by posting this blast from the past.  I know Silent Mike will remember it, and Fuck the Internet for allowing me to find it again.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Scarred But Smarter

Milwaukee expatriates, and Kevn Kinney was a schoolmate of one of my best buds, Scary Joe.

But this song, and this album, was done before they left for Georgia, and of course I saw them in a crappy punk club before they left, and they were loud and drunken and we were all young:

But the song tells of being old or young, and disillusioned, and burned; and dammit if he didn't nail that fucker.

clarification for vs:

Well I'm out of work, I'm out of hope
What should be of thee I spoke
Good times for the undeserved
And hard times for the ones who work

Poor man, rich man, blind man, dead man
Hoped for more than they had all planned
Just then they suffered a serious blow
As the real world cuts the line you hold

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter

Is it right to wish the poor man rich?
Is it right to wish the rich man poor?
I hope all that's well is well ends fair
Wished thy neighbors life to despair

Being so mad that I stop crying
No payoff for all my trying
To do it right, to never fail
Wishing for some fairy tale

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter

Well the way my life it turns all around
Jobs and things to do that I've found
I think how foolish I must have looked
To think I could be down for good

Nobody said it would be fair
But in the end I think it is.
Karma, justice, whatever you call it.
It's really there just keep looking for it

Nobody said it would be fair
But in the end I think it is.
Karma, justice, whatever you call it.
It's really there just keep looking for it

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Big Changes Coming!  For Serious!!  Or not.  Anybody's guess, really.  Stay tuned.  Or not.  Heck, go hang out at Saying Yes, it would be better for you.

And although I have my disagreements with Obama, I thought these were pretty good (especially because they hit wingnuts where it hurts them)