Friday, October 06, 2023

"If he would just knock over a bank, we'd HAVE him!!!"

What the fuck does he have to do?

And why the fuck does the entire establishment of America seem to thing nothing - rape, fraud, insurrection, treason, tax evasion, building code violations, destruction of historic buildings, illegal interment of remains, and pretty much completely repellent behavior in almost any venue - somehow not become the camel tread?  Is it just because he once pointed to a cartoon and said "camel"?

  He has mocked the US Tax Code.  he stole US secret documents and if not sold them gave them away for shits and giggles. He raped several people, including his wife, and mocked them for not being his type.

He buried a former wife on one of his shitty golf courses, so he could could have a few dollars in tax benefits, and to shit on her memory And there are questions about documents that were buried there.  And refused to maintain the grave.  Fucking ghastly.

He once said he could shoot someone on the street and not lose a single voter.  What the hell, if he stood on that street, fuckd a dog, then slit the animal's throat and drank the blood, would that be enough to disabuse the cult?

I don't think even that would be enough.  The dog was asking for it and their god needed the blood.  Tell me that would not be the argument, and change my mind

This, my Republican friends, is the man you think is qualified to be President of this country.