Friday, May 02, 2008

Even In The Quietest Moments

Back before the Universe exploded, making a lot of people very angry, in a weird and slippery corner of the intertoobz reserved for Pork and Citrus Loving, there was a weekly event known as a Musical Poop Shoot. This was during a more innocent and carefree time, before Evil Cookie Queens and Off With His Head and Ghost Melonery. Catblogging was prevalent, but kittehs had not been LOLed let alone Cthulhu.

It seems like I'm almost the only one doing this anymore, but the life of an IMS is strnen. Plus, I I need bloggo subjects, so lay off chunderhosen!!

But there's a problem. Dilemma! Annoyance!! I see by the iTunes that I am tantalizingly close to a threshold: The list is 978 artists. 978!!!1! so close to 1K. (I remember when I hit 100 vinyl records; I was young, America was a democracy; dinosaurs ran the post office).

So I need the help of all three of you readers. I need new Artists!! I need some references to musicians and bands that are not represented in my files. Let me know who's hip and happenin in your little worlds. Help me spend the meager amounts of money I have on even more music with which to torture family and friends.

Offer not applicable to Finnish Opera-Metal bands.

I Know Where You Live from the album "I Did A Power Slide In The Taco Stand: Anthology 1982-2001" by Couch Flambeau
3 Boyz that make a loud Noiz. Punks called 'em metal; metalheads called 'em punk. Avant-stupid lyrics over avant-metal speed punk with Jay Tiller's spoken'screeched singing; part of the Great Milwaukee Music Scene in the 80's. I've seen them dozens of times, and my Long-Suffering Spouse had the amusing habit of falling asleep while sitting three feet from the amps. Thanks to the guys who released the old stuff on CDs. They were called Couch Potatoes originally, but the other couch potatoes wouldn't let them use the name. Power Slide in The Taco Stand, indeed. Available from CDBaby.

'rainbow popeye' from the album "Wacos at the Abbey" by Waco Brothers Okay, this doesn't count.
Winter (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake) from the album "Three Imaginary Boys (Deluxe Edition)" by The Cure Mopey. Gothy. Analoggy.

Old Pervert - Section 1 from the album "...And How It Got There" by The Soft Boys Complete Hitchcock.

Warning Sign from the album "More Songs About Buildings And Food" by Talking Heads
Old school. Spare music, using the blank spaces Jennifer was talking about.

Take Me Down to the Hospital from the album "Hootenanny" by The Replacements Placemats. Mack from the drinking days.

Mary's Place from the album "The Rising" by Bruce Springsteen OK, I loved the show. It wasn't life-changing, though, in the way I've experienced with Genesis and Mekons and some others. He's back in August for the Harley Party and I probably wouldn't go. I'd go to the BOC show, though but I think we're out of town that weekend.

Shotgun Willie from the album "Twisted Willie" by Tenderloin
Me Around from the album "Resigned" by Michael Penn iTunes will keep playing Michael Penn until all you guys make him a star. Buy the music already. Sheesh.

Rosanne from the album "Punk Rock" by Mekons It's A Mekons Friday!! Ni!!
Spelling Bee from the album "Angel Food For Thought" by Meryn Cadell One for the Meryn fans out there. I know there are some.
Dusted from the album "Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home" by The Geraldine Fibbers This is also a superb set of songs, but my favorite is Dragon Lady.
World That I See from the album "Capricornia" by Midnight Oil
Shut Up! from the album "Weak" by Seaweed Northwestern punky 90's grunge gravy train music.

Give me some new bands!!!

[EDIT]  Okay, I just loaded a crap load butt level of Styx on my iPod.  That's how bad it has gotten.  Somebody Hep me!!!

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  1. From a recent playlist:

    Rogue Wave
    The National
    Explosions in the Sky
    The Twilight Sad
    The Frames
    Silversun Pickups
    Ryan Adams
    Arcade Fire
    Death From above 1979
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

  2. Post what you like, peanut. I'm just glad you corrected the "Quieetest" you had up for awhile. I was worried you were having a grabber and that would be oh so sad if you went out leaving nothing but a typo...

    I hope there are no typos on your tombstone. :)



  3. Rogue Wave
    The National - got em.
    Explosions in the Sky
    The Twilight Sad
    The Frames - got em
    Silversun Pickups - got em
    Ryan Adams - got em
    Earlimart -got em
    Arcade Fire - got em
    Gomez - got em
    Death From above 1979 - got em
    Pelican - got em
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - got em. (I knew Zelmo was going to come forward with BRMC. I remember liking these guys when they were Jesus and Mary Chain).

    Dude, bonus points for any new band I don't have that's on EMusic.... No fair using Satellite Radio. Any bands you've actually, you know, paid for?

  4. I'll hook you up with the bands you're missing from the list above.

  5. too late- already did the Twilight Sad. emo scots. Innerestin.

  6. Is Supertramp cool again yet? Cuz I really want to come out of the closet on this. LOVE the Tramp.

  7. Oh my God, BP! I love Supertramp.

    You gotta loosen up a little. And, um, give a little bit.

    I'm just glad you corrected the "Quieetest" you had up for awhile.

    I thought it was a deep poem or something. Like...


    Please do not be alarmed if I post that poem in the future. Although it's very bizarre, I love it. Can't quite thinking about since I saw it in the paper last weekend.

  8. Supertramp was one of my high school bands. I would play "Breakfast In America" endlessly while watching the girl I had a crush on go out with someone else.... but they're not cool. Doubt if they ever will be.

    fish is the only one getting into the spirit of the thing. Although somehow I already have the Ray LaMontagne.... I kinda like the Dogzilla though - they remind me a bit of Madison's Killdozer....

    And I can't believe Z didn't bristle at my suggestion that BRMC is just channeling JAMC. Even down to the acronym-name.

  9. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (probably nothing new there for you).



    "Candyland" by James McMurty (yes, related to that McMurtry).

    Prudence Johnson or Greg Brown if you want to expand your Midwestern reach a bit.

    The Raveonettes for that old fashioned pop blast.

    Or stop by for a beer and we'll talk music.

  10. Black Angels- both are on emusic.

    Hippie retro space drug fuzz. Awesome.

    Frightened Rabbit- more scottish emo.

    Black Mountain.

    Retro Hawkwind glacier drug metal.

    We've done them all at Song of the Day.

    Deerhunter's "Fluorescent Gray" EP.

    The Whigs.

    All listenable.

  11. I also note that emusic has all the Kingsbury Manx. Get the first one or UC will cry.

  12. At the risk of stating some obvious bands, a few old school things need to be in the collection:

    Professor Longhair.

    Reverend Horton Heat.

    Mission of Burma.

  13. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. All good suggestos, PP. Incidentally, one of the guys from Couch Flambeau was a huge Hawkwind fan.

    good ones too, fish. I've already got the Rev and the MoB; but I'll check out the Professor Longhair.

    Snag, you're right that Nick Cave isn't a new one. I like him though; it's always a good thing to scare the hell out of other people. The new stuff Grinderman is a bit of a return to the more aggressive Birthday Party sound. He's got a lot of work to top Murder Ballads though. The guest spots on the last song are sublime.

  14. I've heard good things about Deerhunter, and I just happen to have twelve songs remaining on this months allowance....

  15. Already tagged the Jello/Melvins work, fish. I love it, but I have a soft spot for that rabble rousing greenie...

    I also loved the Mojo/Jello pairing on Prairie Home Invasion

  16. I know you can walk on water, but can you walk on this much beer?