Wednesday, May 30, 2007

She Must Have An Invisible Touch...

....too much Invisible Touch.

One for Blue Girl, just because she's wound up so tight over this.

Scavenged this interesting graphic offa tha Intertubes. A pie graph showing th relative times of music played from each album on the Genesis tour. I'll give you a minute to dissect it.

You know, we're not trying to turn this into a frickin Genesis blog. In a couple of weeks, as a a matter of fact, this blog goes darkish while I concentrate on Reports From The Front at Summerfest.

But for now....

Look at that, it seems I was wrong. Nothing from Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme, unless they're concealed in the Old Medley. WAYYYYYY Too much Invisible Touch. Am I reading that there's no Abacab? That can't be right. That's enough to seriously maim the band.

Much confusion and speculation out amongst the tubes. But I have seen a 'set list' that looks seriously faked, but conforms to the above info. Not to get Glue Birl all excited on her thrown, but the list does seem to include that song from ATOTT that begins with an R. AND it indicates TIOA is not the opener, rather part of a Duke Medley opener.

If it is true, here's where I missed the mark: no ABACAB. Hold On My Heart (boo!). No Driving the Last Spike. No Foxtrot, No Nursery Cryme. Slight emphasis on shorter songs. Mama (How'd I miss mama?). They apparently can't play as long as I'd like.

Zelmo, however, was wrong all the way down the line. No Driving. Ko Keep It Dark. No Eleventh Earl. No That's All. No freakin Brazilian. I don't know what paradgm you used to come up with those, Z, but dude, abandon it.

I'm not gonna buy it though, it REALLY looks fake.

UPDATE: There's a setlist, supposedly from engineer Nick Davis, on Wikipedia

Here's the photoshop fakery, which is very similar to the Wiki entry:

The big surprisey there is Undertow. Which I will luuurrrve.

BG, I've got Invisible Touch on my Genesis playlist. It's much more tolerable when it's mixed in with a bunch of other stuff.


  1. I can't believe they'd play that much Selling England by the Pound. Although I would be totally into that.

    God. You know what I did? Last night I had a momentary lapse of reason and downloaded the Invisible Touch album. Blech. Ick. Pffft. So cheesey.

    You had "Mama" on your list. It's not *the best* Genesis, but I would put it in the "pass" category.

    Did you mean to say that they WILL play "Hold On My Heart?" Or no?

    I will run out crying if they do.

    I'm zoning out -- what's "WCD"?

    If they *do* play Ripples, I will be a happy, happy camper.

    Can you drop the link into the songlist you saw? Or you don't want to?

  2. Ahh, so I had mama right. Why doesn't that lead right into Abacab?

    What I like about "mama" Is the uplighting on Peelip's face for the "ah-hah" parts- it's a direct reference to the lighting they did on Peter Gabriel during The Musical Box back in the day.

  3. BG:

    WCD is We Can't Dance. If you thought Invisible Touch was cheesy...

    However it does contain two of my favorite Genesis tunes: Driving the Last Spike (which is spectacular live) and Dreaming While You Sleep.


    C'mon, it's on the internet, it HAS to be true!

  4. Have you guys heard that some nu-metal types had covered Land of Confusion? They were using it in the promos for the new Painkiller Jane (title makes NO sense) series on SciFi.

  5. I heard a small bit of Genesis life the other night from a show they did in Vegas for some awards thing or other. The song was Squonk, and it was fabulous. Although I do like Ripples, for my money, give me Squonk, Mad Man Moon, or Robbery, Assault and Battery off of ATotT.

    The Land of Confusion cover is quite good, actually. Disturbed is the name of the band doing the cover, and they give the lyrics a nice hard edginess that is missing in the Genesis original. Much like Metallica's cover of Seger's Turn the Page. Both very good songs, just with quite different moods.

    No Abacab would be okay with me. Too damn many horns on that album. Not that it's bad, but it's not as good as the others. Though Man on the Corner and Me and Sarah Jane are both quite good.

    All Genesis, all the time!

  6. Scary bit-- check out this shot of Genesis ca. LLDoB. Yeah, Pete really is a freak-- but a talented one.

    Fun game-- do google image searches for song titles and see what comes up. "land of confusion" for example yields all sorts of strange results, as well as the standard pics of Genesis and Disturbed.

  7. Nick, there's ONE friggin' song on that album with horns!

    And live, without horns, the song is much less painful.

    You do remind me, though, that when they announced the tour, they said they were going to work up some old songs that could be rotated through a flexible slot in the production set, so there was a bit more variety in the playlist. I wonder if 'Squonk' was one of those?

    Also BTW- the VH1 show came in the middle of production rehearsals, so the band probably felt a little flat. Also would limit them from playing the older, more difficult stuff, so they had to play the anti-BlueGirl song.

    What would be hilarious is if they played the Blue Girl song (Ripples) live, then immediately followed up with the anti-BluGrrl song (No Son Of Mine). heh!

    Zelmo, after listening, WCD isn't as cheesy as I think most people get the impression (gotta ignore the heavy playlist songs) but mainly, the album simplifies the instrumentation and goes for shorter, more direct songs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I still think the Touch is cheesier; but nothing touches "Illegal Alien" for a faceful of CheezWiz. P.U. that was a stinker. Thakfully, we don't have to live through THAT one again.

    so, Z, here's the real question and you gotta give a straight up answer or I'll have BluGrrrl kick your ass: Do you regret seeing the WCD tour? and does the new tour look like a better or worse collection of songs? and Will it be worth going to this time around?

  8. Gabriel only got into the band because whenever Banks, Rutherford, and Anthony Phillips got together to jam, he had gotten to the piano first, and negotiated his way into vocals as a price for letting Tony use the keys.

    he was a little too weird for them otherwise.

  9. Regret seeing Genesis? Bite your tongue, sir.

    First of all, we had 2nd row center seats at Camp Randall (don't ask me how we did this, I think we lucked out with the line lottery outside a secret TicketBastard location). We were so close we were unable to see the band from the knees down, and Phil nearly spit on me during several occasions. So proximity made everything much more intense.

    But for every cheesy overplayed ballad, there were moments that transcended the experience: Driving the last Spike, Old Medley, Home by the Sea (another personal fave), Domino. Just watch "The Way We Walk" DVD sitting really close to the screen. And turn up the volume.

    As much as I enjoyed the concert, it leaned heavily on newer material. I actually think the "suggested" setlist for the upcoming tour beats WCD. Especially if they throw in a wildcard like Undertow.

    Gabriel was WAY ahead of his time.

  10. So there you go, BluGrrrl.

    All told, it's gonna knock our socks off, sear our retinas, and reduce our typaniums to goo.

    Peelip gets a couple of sappy ballads, but Tony Banks will grin once, Mike Rutherford has a brand new customized double neck guitar, Chester T will rock the Duet with Phil, and Daryl Stuermer will smoke the guitar solo on Firth of Fifth.

    If you're gonna let a little thing like "No Son Of Mine" disrupt your ecstasy, just remind yourself that there's no thirtysomething yahoos in froont of you talking....

    Unless there are. In that case, skewer and fillet them.

    You may even end up liking the song. After all, it's not "We Can't Dance"

  11. Just watch "The Way We Walk" DVD sitting really close to the screen. And turn up the volume.

    Sir, I have a 42" LCD screen and 5.1 surround. I would probably fry some neurons doing that.

    What makes you think I haven't already?

    Thanks for the unvarnished report, Geraldo. See you at Riversplash.

  12. From Daryl's Website:

    "It seems like I finally have a chance to write. We've been in production rehearsals for over a week. I've been asked if I would show some photos from rehearsals on my website. The management is discouraging putting photos on our websites before we start touring as not to reveal the new stage production yet. I will try to get a few candid photos behind the scenes and under the stage during this rehearsal period. I will say that it is the biggest stage production Genesis has ever had. It's quite overwhelming! Our actual playing area is the smallest we've ever had, and we all like it better this way. We are all quite close up there. Makes it easier to communicate musically and verbally. Feels like your in a band rather than a big Las Vegas show. It's going to be great!"

    Daryl is pretty modest for a guitar superstar, so if he thinks the stage production is overwhelming, then believe you me, it will definitely blow your socks off.

  13. Overwhelming is what I always feel about the Genesis shows. It's just all too much, all the nerve endings just keep tingling for days.

    I like the idea of them being closer. Our seats are over on the Tony side, so we need to be able to see someone who reacts too.

    Big vegas show. Hah, kind of a sideways slap at the VH1 awards, eh? Funny, Daryl, Funny.

    Say, Zelmo, aren't you supposed to score some special access from your bestest buddy Stuermer?